Online CHRISTIAN broadcasting to the world

"New Glory International" is the ministry of Terry Macalmon a well known worship leader.  Terry has ministered around the world and has sold hundreds of thousandzs of DVD's and CDs.  His anointed music is accompanied by his ability to write songs and life up the Lord.  You can find Terry at:

"Basics for Success" with host Daniel Daves.  Dr. Daves will give you kingdom understanding of how to be successful in today's markets.  With a biblical world-view he will challenge your thinking and get you out of the dead economy and into a new economy. This informative program will unleash your understanding of ancient biblical business secrets and "kingdom economics". You can listen to Dr. Daves each weekday Mon - Friday at 10:30 - 11:00 am (EST).  You can reach Dr. Daves at: or email him at:

"Arise & Be Whole" The ministry of Rosyln Amos is one of anointing and power.  Working with the homeless of St. Petersburg, Florida, she is often seen on the streets lifting people from poverty  of soul, body and spirit.  She also pastors a dedicated group of believers.  Rosyln can also be seen on Roku, amazon and chromcast television under WATV  fulll broadcast television network.  

 "What is Truth Father" Owen Caldwell shares the Father's heart with us.  His message of God's grace in his own life is expressed in that message.  Coming from a great heritage of a father who was a recognized Apostle, Owen received Christ after his father's death.   Owen has also help develop meal programs for the homelsss in Belise & Porta Rico.  You will enjoy his insights into God grace through his teaching about our gracious Father.   You can reach Owen at his email You can immediately hear some of Owen's message on his "Audio on Demand" page at:  "What is Truth Father"

Dr. Jerry Brandt is founder and president of Action Evangelism and Kingdom Life University.  His teaching "Through the Bible" is contextual and exegetical chapter by chapter.  His vision is to teach the kingdom of God through systematic bible study.  He believes that the entrance of the word brings light.  Jerry has over 50 years of international evangelism experience and now launching KLU campuses around the world to help raise up pastors and teachers to reach remote villages.  You can find Jerry at:  & 

"Today's Grace" with pastor Willie Singleton,  Willie pastors Provident Missionary Baptist Church of Boynton Beach, Florida.  His message centers in the grace of God as manifested in the Cross of Christ.  You will enjoy his passion to bring this simple powerful message of the cross and the grace God provides through it.  You can reach Willie Singleton at:   Pastor Willie R Singleton
1572 WV36th Street
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
(561) 848-0737        hm (561) 374-4010

"Word & Spirit" Pastor John Torres teaches God's word with authority and power. John not only pastors the Word and Spirit International church, but travels around the world through his international ministry.  John's years of leading his people into great growth by understanding God's special grace.  John also has a vision to reach the world through radio and television.  His ministry is founded on sound doctrine and systematic biblical teaching.

 "Lifepoints"  with Dr. Don Beasley.  Don pastors Turningpoint Community Church in Dixon, Illinois.  Dr. Beasley's teaching ministry is found under his web site:  His outstanding teaching is reflected in his church full of young families hungry to learn and be mentored by this man of God.  You can reach Dr. Beasley at:   Dr. Beasley teaches Mon. - Fri. 5:00 - 5:30 pm (EST)

Kingdom Life University provides hours of biblical teaching through the New Testament.  You will literally write your own commentary of the entire N. T. by listening consistently through the bible.  You can also sign up for KLU online, by going to our website:   KLU was originally founded through Action Evangelism and was designed to train nationals around the world in biblical knowledge to start remote village churches.  God has used the university world-wide.  Go here to see the world vision of Action Evangelism.

Kingdom Life University - Your place, your time, your destiny!

"Intimacy with Christ"  With hosts Bill and Linda Boone.  Let God's presence draw you into a new intimacy with Christ.  This ministry is being used of God to bring people into that relationship.  Come into the "Holy place"!  This broadcast is on SAT/SUN nights 10:30 - 11:30 pm. You can also hear them throughout the day as their music and teaching on intimacy with Christ broadcasts around the world.  You can reach Bill & Linda Boone at 

"Warning" from World Ministries International  is  hosted by a well known speaker and broadcaster Dr. Jonathan Hansen.  Dr. Hansen meets through out the nations with Governments, Parliaments, Presidents, Prime Ministers etc, as well as church leaders Apostolically and Prophetically.  Dr. Hansen is a fourth generation Christian, a fourth generation ordained minister, and a third generation missionary. He currently holds the following degrees: Diploma in Ministerial Studies, Bachelors of Arts in General Studies (B.A.), Bachelors of Theology (B.Th.), Masters of Theology (M.Th.), Masters of Divinity (M.Div.), Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.), Doctorate of Theology (D.Th.) and Honorary Doctorate of Divinity (D.Div.).  Dr. Hansen is on daily Mon.-Fri. at 6:00 pm.  For more information on Dr. Hansen's ministry go to his website at:




"Living In Acts"  Elana Peters has been God's instrument to take prayer to the streets of America.  Her passion to bring prayer to every neighborhood in the USA is envisioned in her latest campaign "Patriots- Pray" with signs in yards and neighbors gathering to pray for our nation.   To find out more about Elana's vision go to:  Elana's broadcast is each night at 8:00 - 8:30 pm  Mornings at: 6:00 - 6:30 am and late night at 12:30 -1:00 M.

"Road To Eternal Life" is Dr. Quinton B. Richmonds daily broadcast.

Dr. Richmond began broadcasting a age 91 and has now produced over 150 full television broadcasts.  You can hear him on WATV radio at 7:00 pm Monday - Friday.  He also has over 150 full broadcast HD television shows on WATV Roku, Amazon and Google chrome cast.  His passion was to finish his course of life with evangelism and compassion for the lost.  Dr. Quinton writes books and original songs and can be heard on Paramount music. 

 "Reflections: The Art of Living Well"  Dr. Tammy Warren works as a clinical psychologist since 1985.  Her extensive experience, combined with her biblical views, provides real wisdom in helping people develop skills necessary to live in wellness, happiness and peace.  She is currently writing a book entitled “Right to Left: Shifting Your Brain From Fear to Faith.”  It expresses her training and experience in bringing people to all that God has for them.  These concepts and truths come out in her broadcast weekly called “Reflections: The Art of Living Well” as she co-hosts with Michelle Ronsisvalle.   You can enjoy this dynamic team weekly on  SAT/SUN at 2:00 – 3:00 pm.  You can find out more about Tammy at: 

WATV Online Radio Broadcasting

"All Pro Pastors" With Paul Pickern.  Paul has developed a wonderful network of pastors committed to walk together in transparency and integrity.  Founded in 1999,  Paul had a vision for a place where pastors can gather and just talk about their personal growth and challenges.  His "Champions Tables" are located throughout the Tampa Bay area and Florida and around the world.  You can learn more about Paul great vision for pastors by listening to his broadcast daily at 4:30 - 5:00 pm M-F.   You can also contact him on his web site at:

"Reflections: The Art of Living Well" A graduate of University of Central Florida in business administration, Michele Ronsisvalle initially worded with corporations and start-up ventures.  In the mid 90’s she entered the real estate business as a broker.  She has worked with television, radio and hosted programs for 25 years.  She is also a worship leader at a church in Orlando, Florida.  As President/Owner of Neuro Nutritionals, she promotes well being through high quality products for brain health.  You will enjoy her insights and as co-host of her broadcast, “Reflections: The Art of Living Well.”  You can listen weekly to Michelle and Tammy at 2:00 – 3:00 pm SAT/SUN.  You can find more information on her web site at:  You can contact her through her web site